Coffee with the Curators - Melanie Yazzie

Join the curators for an informal talk with artist Melanie Yazzie. Melanie is the juror for Representing the West this year. As a printmaker, painter, and sculptor, Melanie Yazzie’s work draws upon her rich Diné (Navajo) cultural heritage. She is of the Salt and Bitter Water clans. Her work follows the Diné dictum “walk in beauty” literally, creating beauty and harmony. As an artist, she works to serve as an agent of change by encouraging others to learn about social, cultural, and political phenomena shaping the contemporary lives of Native peoples in the United States and beyond. Her work incorporates both personal experiences, as well as the events and symbols from Dine culture.

Location: Sangre De Cristo Arts Center
Date :
03 Feb, 2018 11:30 am to 01:00 pm