Mathias "Mo" Valdez: Things & Stuff

Mathias Valdez founded Lastleaf Printing in Pueblo in 2009. He says about his work, “I do not want to introduce this body of artwork as a personal reflection on what I believe or how I perceive the world. To try and render some insight or retrospect in an attempt to influence you to interpret my art as some grand philosophy or conclusion would be bogus - because the truth is that I do not have any of it figured out. 

From a Rememberance

Su Kaiden Cho was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Cho is a Korean contemporary artist and he now resides and works in Colorado. Cho’s oeuvre reconciles the identity challenges reflecting his life experiences caught in between South Korean customs and American mores.

Photo Pensato

Photo Pensato is a collective of Colorado photographers with various styles and techniques, inspired to create images that reflect our unique and personal perspectives. “Pensato” is an Italian term for a musical note so exquisite it can be neither played nor heard.

King Collection Exhibition

The Francis King Collection of Western Art was founded upon the generous donation of collector Francis E. King of Pueblo in 1979.  The collection originally consisted of one hundred paintings and one bronze sculpture.  At that time, it was one of the largest gifts ever given by an individual to the city and county of Pueblo.  Today the collection has grown to over 425 pieces.

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