2017-2018 Center Stage Season

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Carol & Larry Spradley  |  Pat Gonzalez & Family



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Roxanne Pignanelli  |  Ed Smith

Past shows from this season:

Capitol Steps: What to Expect When You're Electing                                   

3:00 pm | Saturday, October 8, 2016 | Tickets $30 ($24 for Arts Center Members)

Combining satire with musical theatre, Capitol Steps gives a comedic tongue-in-cheek performance, drawing inspiration from current political headlines. Since they began, Capitol Steps has recorded over 35 albums, including their latest, Mock the Vote. They've been featured on NBC, CBS, ABC, and PBS, and can be heard twice a year on National Public Radio stations nationwide during their Politics Takes a Holiday radio specials.

Agatha Christie's Murder on the Nile 

[Aquila Theater] 

7:30 pm | Friday, November 4, 2016 | Tickets $30 ($24 for Arts Center Members)


Aquila Theatre, in its 25th anniversary season, stages Murder on the Nile, by one of the greatest mystery writers in world literature - Agatha Christie. This brilliant new production features a masterful whodunit and Aquila’s clever signature style. Who can be trusted? Who holds the truth? Who is a suspect? Aquila Theatre brings its innovative touch to this deliciously dangerous murder mystery with brilliant direction, superb acting, thrilling physicality and stunning designs.  

Slapstick Sonata by Cirk La Putyka

7:30 pm | Tuesday, March 14, 2017 | Tickets $30 ($24 for Arts Center Members)


The twenty-member ensemble cast features professional acrobats, actors, dancers, musicians and puppeteers in this wordless theater performance, telling the story of overnight laborers in a Prague warehouse. The night crew breaks from routine, dazzling audiences with physical comedy, balancing gags and acrobatic feats. Enhanced by the music of Mozart, Handel, and more, with vibrant set lighting, this show is not to be missed. 

"Transcend the lines between acrobats, contemporary dance, puppetry, concert, and sport. We...create our own specific theatre po-etics and find a perspective on the genre as a whole."

- Cirk La Putyka 

Opus Cactus by MOMIX

7:30 pm | Thursday, April 27, 2017 | Tickets $30 ($24 for Arts Center Members) 

WATCH the video

MOMIX is an internationally acclaimed dance company under the direction of Moses Pendleton, featuring inventive and elegant routines.  Following a ten year hiatus, Opus Cactus returns and brings the Sonoran desert to life.  Be amazed by illusions of lizards, landscapes, fire, and motion.  With over 35 years of experience under their belts, the company’s dance-illusionists use light, shadow, music, and the human form to illustrate their intricate stories. 

"Inspired by the flora, fauna, and simple magic of the American Southwest, Pendleton's ingenuity, theatricality, and cunning imagination are seen at full stretch in strange vignettes of the Sonoran desert."