Staff Directory

Welcome to our Staff Directory.  This is a listing of all full-time Arts Center staff with corresponding email addresses. To contact any staff member by phone, call (719) 295-7200.

Staff Member Title Email
Jim Richerson Chief Executive Officer
Trish Rooney Director of Finance & Administration
Alyssa Parga Director of Marketing & Development
Zachary Friberg Curator of Learning
Nan Wainwright Artistic Director, School of Dance
Ashley Minnich School of Dance Office Assistant
Stephanie Ortega Development Officer
Elizabeth Szabo Curator of Visual Arts
LuDel Walter Visual Arts Coordinator
Maria Todisco Conference Services Coordinator
Katherine Garcia Assistant Curator of Learning & Tour Coordinator
Don Geanetta Facilities/Maintenance Manager
Annette Brice Associate Curator of Learning
Hilary Gibson Assistant Curator of Learning
Timothy F. Gately Theater Technician
Kathy Berg Office Supervisor/Planning
Adele McCanless Member & Visitor Services Supervisor
Bob Campbell Marketing & Events Manager
Ally Sullivan Graphic Designer
Jade Lopez Gift Shop Manager
Sonia Sedillo-Green Senior Accountant N/A
Sandy Westerman Accounting Techniciam N/A
Christopher May Photographer-in-Residence N/A
Jarrett Pottery Potters-in-Residence N/A
Aavalajn Wiggins Musician-in-Residence N/A


Board of Trustees, Sangre de Cristo Arts & Conference Center

Dorothy O'Dowd, Chair
Wendy Rapp, Vice Chair/Chair Elect
Sandra Stutters, Treasurer
Rosina Sonntag, Secretary
Pat Gonzalez, Past Chair


Ginger Andenucio | Dr. Jeffrey Alexander | Joseph Arrigo
Kathy Bacino | Elissa Ball | Warren Diodosio | Dustin Hodge | Timothy Zercher
John Lee | Donald Moore | Diana Ortiz | Chris Picicci | Paul Valdez
Dr. Margaret Wright |  Andrew Sanchez  | Barbara Vidmar | Crete Wood | Miriam Gray


Ex Officio
Garrison Ortiz, Board of County Commissioners

Donielle Gonzales, Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce

Steven Trujillo, Latino Chamber of Commerce