School of Dance Fall Classes



Registration for our Fall 2018 semester is now open. Fall classes begin Monday, August 20th and run through Saturday, December 8th. 

Click here for the information packet for our 2018-2019 year. This packet includes all information relating to class offerings, tuition and fees, general information, and dress code. 

Click here to download and print our Fall 2018 schedule. 

Click here for our paper registration packet.

To register online, follow this link:

If you have further questions regarding our fall information, the School of Dance office can be reached by phone at (719) 295-7221 or e-mail at to answer further questions! 



For Fall 2018, classes will run Monday-Saturday. The School of Dance is closed on Sundays, except during performances.  

Fall 2018 (15 weeks)

Monday, August 20 - Saturday, December 8

Spring 2019 (20 weeks)

Monday, January 7 - Saturday, June 1



Tuition rates for the 2018-2019 school year are the same as the previous year. Tuition rates are charged either per month or per semester. For the 2018-2019 school year, we have added half-hours to some classes. This change is reflected in the fee sheet. For a full tuition chart, please view page 8 in our information packet.  


Registration Fee: $25.00 (collected once a year)

Performance Fees: $35.00 per student/per performance (only if participating) 

Drop-In Fees:

**fee must be paid before attending class**

1 hour class: $12.00

1.5 hour class $15.00

2 hour class $18.00