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Link to register online for our spring semester:

See our spring schedule, browse our course catalog, or view the complete paper version of our 2017-2018 registration packet. The School of Dance office can be reached by phone at (719) 295-7221 or e-mail at to answer further questions! 


New Classes Available for Fall Semester! 

We have opened up a new section of classes for dancers that want to participate in a class, but do not necessarily want to pursue dance as a career in the future. Our Recreational Division is open to students 7 & up. Classes include Freestyle Movement, Adult/Teen Ballet, Teen Jazz, and Adult/Teen Modern! No previous experience is necessary, however we welcome new students of all ages and experience levels! 


Teaching Philosophy

We believe in providing a stimulating and compassionate atmosphere for emotional, intellectual, social, and personal growth. This allows students to explore and discover their potential by offering a safe, yet challenging environment. By maintaining a positive and progressive learning space, we promote mutual respect that empowers students to develop the life skills necessary to identify and achieve their goals.   


Essential Dance Educational Elements

Dance Exploration, Creative Movement, Intro to Dance

  • Listening 
  • Responding 
  • Creating 
  • Interconnecting 
  • Assessing



Ballet 1, 2, 3; Character Dance 1; Jazz 1; Modern 1; Hip Hop 1, 2

  • Development of Stage Presence 
  • Technical Development 
  • Movement Quality 
  • Musicality 
  • Passion for the Art Form


Ballet 4, 5, 6, 7; Character Dance 2,3; Jazz 2, 3; Modern 2; Contemporary 3;  Partnering; Vaganova Teaching Methods; Contemporary Studies

  • Technical Excellence  
  • Artistic Quality  
  • Musicality  
  • Immersion into the Art Form  
  • Expression of Movement

We offer pre-professional training at Sangre de Cristo School of Dance. Level advancement is based on evaluations designed to assess skill achievement. Students will be tested twice during the school year and will be advanced to the next level after successfully completing the skill requirements of that level, which will often take more than one year. Students interested in pre-professional training or our Company are required to enroll in all available Ballet classes in their particular level as well as 1 Jazz class, 1 Modern/Contemporary class, 1 Character Dance class, and the Partnering class (at the discrection of the artistic director). Typically, students enrolled in the upper levels of our school are interested in making dance a career, either in education or performance.


The Sangre de Cristo Dancerz is a resident company of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center that is composed of differently-abled individuals. The Dancerz perform and rehearse as part of the Arts Center's School of Dance and are under the artistic direction of Robert J. Doyle.

Classes: Wednesdays, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm


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