Colorful Colorado: Camp Create-A-Lot

Jun 6 – Nov 7, 2015

  • Visit our A-MAZE-ing state of Colorado without ever leaving Pueblo. Get lost on your visit in artist John Wilbar’s installation of a life-size maze.
  • Pick up your sketch journal, created by author/illustrator Craig MacFarland Brown, it’s the best answer to “Go play outside!” Sponsored by the Gersick Foundation
  • “Camp” out in our gallery, “fish” indoors, put on a wildlife puppet show, dress up like the state dinosaur, sing around the campfire, even create with marshmallows - you’ll want s’more!
  • Discover trees, leaves, water, rocks and the natural beauty of the southwest and Colorado. Hands-on learning through nature, science and the arts will open your eyes to a rainbow of color.
  • Identify animal tracks, “Go Buggy” in the Sensations interactive exhibit, get advice from critters and learn to appreciate nature as only an artist can. Use nature’s tool box to make creative projects from sticks, and “story” stones.
  • See the art installation, “Oh Beautiful for Spacious Skies”- area students illustrate each line from the Kathryn Bates song-written on top of Pikes Peak. Pueblo Community College Art Club will inspire you.
  • Pick up your Colorado Journal and color your own “uncoloring” pages in your official Colorful Colorado Un-coloring book as you learn about the land and critters in southern Colorado.
  • Print Colorful Colorado! Check out “Colors of the Southwest” in the Helen T. White and Reilly Family Galleries with vibrant artists such as R.C. Gorman , Tony Abeyta and John Farnsworth. Then unleash your inner printer! Gel Printing Plates that look and feel like gelatin! Monoprinting on a Gelli plate is simple and fun plus the prints are too cool! You’ll be addicted to Gelli!

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The Estate of Christine L. Fratterelli

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Lake Pueblo State Park

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