World of Wonder

Explore the birth and history of the United States’ National Parks. Learn about the majestic beauty and history of our parks, the progression of conservation in America, and the inventions that defined our progress into the 20th century.

Camp “Out” Indoors

Recreational vehicles (RVs) and tents are great ways to enjoy the outdoors - where will you pretend to stay?

Dress up as a fly fisherman, park ranger, or a dinosaur as you learn about the great outdoors. 

Uncover dinosaur fossils and facts in our pretend dig site. 
Imagination Playground

Build your own monument with the Imagination Playground blocks. 
Roll with Us

Send the marble tumbling, turning, and flying as you construct courses on the magnetic wall!
Sand Painting

Use the art of pouring colored sands from minerals or crystals onto a surface to make a beautiful painting!
Invention Convention

Examine the inventions of the 20th century and create inventions of your own!
Water, Water, Water

Discover the importance of water in our National Parks at the water-themed table.
Sensations Eco-Jungle

Learn how to take care of our great planet in the multi-sensory Sensations Tunnel.


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