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Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo's Models

About the exhibition:  

The story of this exhibition begins in the late 1400s and early 1500s when Michelangelo created working models of sculptures as stepping stones to the final piece.  The models were never intended to be a final product, and the artist would customarily destroy them upon completion of his final artwork.  Thus, mock ups for most of his sculptures no longer exist.  Hundreds of years later, a few fragile models of wax, wood, and air-hardened clay were discovered when a wall was torn down to reveal a forgotten closet inside the Casa Buonarroti, a museum in Florence which was owned by the sculptor Michelangelo himself.  The exhibition Touched by the Hands of God: Michelangelo’s Models features replicates of these delicate pieces which have been laser scanned and 3-D generated in such detail that visitors can even see Michelangelo’s thumb print in one of the models.  

In addition to the colossal history contained in the small figures of Michelangelo’s design, guests of the show will be able to see visual timelines of art history in the Old and New World with important markers from China, Africa, Europe, Middle East, Mexico, Central America, and the West alongside notable events from Michelangelo’s life and work. 

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