Southwest Immersions of Gene Kloss

King Gallery | January 19 - May 12

Southwest Immersions of Gene Kloss explores the specific subject matter of the painter and printmaker who made Taos, New Mexico her home for 70 years.  A California native, Kloss (1903-1996) is known primarily for her expansive natural landscapes. This exhibit explores how such topics as religion, architecture, darkness, and American Indian ceremonies fit into her larger view of the American Southwest in the twentieth century.

Guest Curator

Rhonda Goodman-Gaghan is the Curator of the UCCS Heller Center for Arts & Humanities.  She holds a BA from Williams College (English) and masters degrees from Villanova University (History) and the University of Delaware - Winterthur Program in American Material Culture.  Her research interests include the architectural heritage of the American southeast and southwest, material culture studies, the history of print and ephemera, and African American visual culture.  She has a diverse background of experience with research libraries, museums, galleries, historic houses, and cultural nonprofits.

Special Event: February 1, 2019, 5pm to 7pm | Free Public Reception