Eye on Art

Mat Taylor

Pictured Right, Mat Taylor in front of the “Wall of Wonder” mural

Hometown: Pueblo

Professional or Emerging Artist:  Professional

Style:  Muralist, Surrealist, Illustrator

Favorite Music to Listen to While Creating: Audiobooks (non-fiction)

Best Advice Ever Received:  Pursue mastery not money.

Inspiration:  Life, drama, misery, pain, mastery, adventure, the transmutation from dark to light.

Next Big Goal: To create positive change throughout this city through art

Other Hobbies:  Bicycling.  Exploring.

What Themes Do you Pursue:   City as work of art.

Complete this sentence.  Art is... ...the amount of courage one has to allow the source to flow.

Elizabeth Raitz

Pictured Right, “Sweet Meats” by Elizabeth Raitz

Hometown: Colorado Springs

Professional or Emerging Artist:  Emerging

Style:  Disgustingly delicious

Best Advice Ever Received:  Lean into your discomfort.

Inspirations:  Marilyn Minter, Matt Barton, My Sister

Next Big Goal: To survive my first year of middle school as an art teacher.

Other Hobbies: Yoga

What Themes Do you Pursue:  I am interested in being present.

What Jobs Have You Had (Other Than an Artist): Beer Guide, Middle School Art Teacher

Complete this sentence.  Art is... ...within us.