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Nutcracker, The Ballet - Watch Online!

Nutcracker, The Ballet is available to watch online here for the first time ever. The decision to go virtual became clear when it was realized that due to COVID-19 the performance could not be held live for safety concerns.

This year, students had the exciting opportunity to bring a traditional holiday classic to our community virtually, giving all those involved the invaluable experience of artists adapting to their environment and fulfilling the tradition of “the show must go on”. The ballet has been produced by the local Emmy award-winning production company, The Media Center, featuring this year’s student dancers. There are special features including behind-the-scenes interviews addressing the challenges of this rigorous process and the added layer of COVID-19 precautions.

Click here for Production Notes, Credits and Sponsors.

Nutcracker 2020 Cast A from Sangre de Cristo Arts Center on Vimeo.


Nutcracker 2020 Cast B from Sangre de Cristo Arts Center on Vimeo.


Nutcracker 2020 Behind The Scenes from Sangre de Cristo Arts Center on Vimeo.


Production Credits and Sponsors

Returning this year, costume designers include the award-winning Michelle Gray, Dr. Carol Foust, Mia Harberts, Kayla Gray, and Joslyn Rafferty as well as AnaKacia Shifflet.

Principal dancers in this year’s production include Gabriella Harberts as Clara, Logan Stanifer as the Nutcracker Prince, Connor Foust as Drosselmeyer and Cavalier, Emma Rafferty and Nadia Jackson as the Sugarplum Fairy, Nicholas Parker as the Snow King and Cavalier, Madeline Stanifer and Nadia Jackson as the Snow Queen, Emma Eide as the Rat Queen, and Meena Ropp and Jewel Sirota as Dewdrop Fairy. Choreography is by Nanine Wainwright and Brittany Nunes. 

Lead sponsor of Nutcracker, The Ballet is Balance A/V Systems with additional support from Black Hills Energy, Dill/Rawlings Southern Colorado Community Foundation Fund, Lenore Chamberlain Nondiscretionary Fund, Mary Graham Rawlings Fund, Donald & Raelene Moore, Robert H. Rawlings Endowment, Kathy Farley and Fran McClave, and the Pueblo Board of Water Works. 

We hope this joyous classic will leave audiences with cherished memories for years to come.

Thank you to our Sponsors:

With additional support from

Dill/Rawlings Southern Colorado Community Foundation Fund

Lenore Chamberlain Nondiscretionary Fund | Mary Graham Rawlings Fund | Donald & Raelene Moore

On behalf of the Sangre de Cristo School of Dance, we would like to thank the

    following sponsors for their pre-production support for this year’s 2020 production of the Nutcracker.

Acorn Construction Co.

    Adrian & Ginger Medina

    Adrianna Coutts

    Alex Barger

    Alicia Naranjo

    Allison Balas

    Amanda Winch

    Amie Gohn

    Amy Mittno

    Angel Reyes

    Arlene Herrera

    Ashley Cannon

    Ashley Martinez

    Barbara Mitchell

    Barbara Santillanes

    Barry Coutts

    Bonnie Eide

    Bonnie Zerfas

    Brandi Winch

    Brett Bridgeman

    Brittney Bonicelli

    Carl Siepker

    Carol Foust

    Carol Martinez

    Carol McHenry

    Carol Morton

    Carole Walls

    Cary Kincade

    Catherine Wells

    Chelsea Johnson

    Cheryl Richardson

    Christelle Wolfe

    Christine Heasley

    Cindi Perry

    Cindy & David Cox

Cindy Byerly

    Connie & Dave Boden

    Connie Coutts

    Connie Roman

    Cynthia Sheffield

    Danita Johnson

    Darla Keller

    David Gilson

    Dawn DeClusin

    Deann Pujol

    Debbie Cioletti

    Debbie Lewis

    Diana Oldemeyer

    Diana Van Riper

    Don Morton

    Dora Huddleston

    Doug Houghton

    Dr. Nagaraja

    Duncan McAuliffe

    Dustin & Joanna Hribar

    Duwane Engler

    Elizabeth Wall

    Esther Nordman

    Felicia Clarke

    Gary Rigel

    George Baca

    Georgia Andrews

    Georgianna Jiminez

    Gianni Palumbo

    Gina Atencio

    Gino Carlo

    Gloria Alcon

    Greg Styduhar

    Gretchen Baca

    Helen Parker

Hosanna Barton

    Isaac Eide

    Isaac Gray

    J.J. Floyd

    J.J. Hernandez

    Jacqueline Arguello

    Jake & Kyra Kinslow

    James McBarnes

    James Tirabassi

    Janelle Abeyta

    Janet & Ron Garrett

    Janet McBarnes

    Janet Rosales

    Jason & Jaime Cipriani

    Jay Stutts

    Jeanetta Potter

    Jennifer DeHeart

    Jennifer Vigil

    Jessica Kunz

    Jim & Rhonda Hribar

    Jim Barber

    Jim Styduhar

    Joan & Robert Hamilton

    Joaquin Brown

    Joe Gonzales

    Joyce Winch

    June Harberts

    Kandace Gecewicz

    Karen Lear

    Karen Mark

    Karen Rundle

    Katelyn Huddleston

    Kathryn Bunger

    Kay Blair

    Kayla Gray

Keiffer Butler

    Kelle Schultz

    Kelly Garner

    Kelly McGinn

    Ken Winch

    Kiliyah Clarke

    Kim Schueler

    Kimberly Nakaguma

    Kris Johnson

    Krista Ferguson

    Lamar Trent

    Lance & Rochelle DeHerrera

    Laura Brown

    Leslie McAuliffe

    Leslie Nordman



    Lisa Winch

    LouAnna Gerleman

    LuAnne & Dave Plugge

    Lucas Santillanes

    Lynette Wright

    Lynn & Austin Gimlin

    Lynn Moore

    M. Coutts

    M. Gray

    Madison Heasley

    Madison McBarnes

    Maggie Watson

    Mandy Fuglsang

    Maria Santillanes

    Mark McCluskey

    Marlyn Bunger

    Marsha Eckerson

    Marvin Plugge

    Mary Ann Sherrie

    Mary Sincebaugh

    Mcdermott Family

Melissa Romero

    Merissa Styduhar

    Michaela Hernande

    Michele Dominquez

    Michelle Borror

    Mike & Dena Vucetich

    Mike Coutts

    Mike Nixon

    Mike Winch

    Mistine Romero

    Mitch Gray

    Molly Thiebaut

    Nancy Barris

    Natalia Fuentes

    Natalie Zamora

    Pat Peterson

    Patricia Nelson

    Paul Valdez

    Paula Van Duyn

    Paula Walker

    Phillip Romero

    Randa Burch

    Randall Gray

    Randall Peterson

    Raven Romero

    Ray Brown

    Rebecca Erickson

    Rebecca Hogan

    Rebecca Pennington

    Renee Chicon

    Renee King

    Richard & Bambi Falsetto

    Richard & Cathy


    Richard Marrs

    Rikki Falsetto

    Rita Glenn

Robert McBarnes

    Rose Manguso

    Sam Barger

    Sara Bustillos

    Sarah Messer

    Scott Gray

    Shanda Russell

    Shannon Cable

    Shelly Montoya

    Stephanie Canter

    Stephanie Johnson

    Steve & Jen Styduhar

    Sue Ropp

    Suyanne Ware

    Teresa Cooper

    Teresa Sandoval

    Teresa Vialpando

    Theresa Oliva

    Theresa Santillanes

    Thomas Cichon

    Tina Twilleger

    Tom Brunjak

    Tony Remil

    Tori Barger

    Tracy Brown

    Vicki Ware

    Wendi Ingo

    William & Maryann


    Ximena Ibarra

Nutcracker, The Ballet (2020) Cast A

Nutcracker, The Ballet (2020) Cast B

Nutcracker, The Ballet (2020) Behind the Scenes