Upcoming Exhibits in the Helen T. White Galleries

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Imagimation: 100 Years of Animation Art from Around the World

White Gallery | June 2 - September 23, 2018

A Journey into IMAGIMATION:  A Hundred Years of Animation Art From Around the World celebrates the ongoing 100 plus year history of original rare animation production artwork since the creation of this magical art form. This extensive exhibition presents the full range of animation techniques, from the ground breaking traditional animation of Gertie the Dinosaur created by American, Winsor McCay, in 1914, through to today’s many digitally supported animation productions and applications. 

Friday, June 1 | 6 PM: 46th Anniversary Gala

Sunday, June 10 | 2 PM: Public Reception in conjunction with Free Second Sunday

Sunday, Aug 12 | 12-4 PM: Free Second Sunday

Animated Art, Comic Book Art, Museum

In Sequence: the Art of Comics

Hoag Gallery | June 9 - September 7, 2018

Featuring original artwork and concepts, In Sequence: the Art of Comics is an exhibition juried by Dave McKean which will open in conjunction with other animation and cartoon-themed exhibits and programs at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center and the Buell Children’s Museum. Several prizes will be awarded, including Best of Show, 1st Prize, and 2nd Prize. Call for Entries Info

Santos: The Bishop Tafoya Collection

2nd Floor Foyer    May 26 – September 23, 2018

Bishop Emeritus Arthur Tafoya was not only an avid collector of Santos, the images of saints created in New Mexico and southern Colorado, but after his retirement became a student and artist himself. In 2011, the Bishop gifted the majority of his impressive collection to the Arts Center to compliment and augment our Ruth Gast Collection of Santos. His donation more than tripled the Arts Center’s Santos collection. The Bishop’s donation includes excellent examples of both historic and contemporary bultos, retablos, crucifixes, and nativities. 

Traces by Caroline Peters

Sangre de Cristo Arts Center Award Winner 2017 State Fair

2nd Floor Foyer Gallery | June 9 - September 16, 2018

Trained as a painter, Caroline Peters' art also includes projects in video, Internet art, and performance. In these recent drawings she explores her connection to outmoded manifestations of Americana (ex. hippie communes) as well as the imprints of time recorded in her immediate surroundings.

Caroline Peters currently lives in Pueblo, Colorado, where she is an Associate Professor at Colorado State University-Pueblo.

Mendoza Mendoza

White Gallery | October 13 - January 13, 2019

John L. Mendoza: John's work is a diary of the man and his view of life. His oil paintings and watercolors bespeak romance, nostalgia, and natural beauty. Many of his paintings display dual characteristics. His work includes contemporary, oil, and watercolor landscapes, as well as still life, abstracts, and portraits.

Dorothy J. Mendoza: Exploring different media and technique has been the history of Dorothy’s paintings. In 1998, she began experimenting with acrylics, merging the fluid transparent quality of watercolor with the opacity of oils and gouche. The result is exciting and vibrant paintings full of color and spirit.

The Mendoza’s paintings can be found in many public and private collections throughout the United States. This is their first joint exhibition.

Luster:  Realism and Hyperrealism in Contemporary Automobile & Motorcycle Painting

White Gallery | June 8 - September 30, 2019 

The birth of the modern car occurred over 150 years ago in 1860 in Germany.  In the United States, Henry Ford Company was established in 1901. A year later it morphed into Cadillac Motor Company which Ford left, along with the rights to his name. A new Ford Motor Company emerged in 1903 in Detroit with backing from a dozen investors, including the Dodge brothers. The same year, 1903, Harley-Davidson, was founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Much has changed since those early automotive years, but perhaps nothing more so than America’s love affair with cars and motorcycles, which has expressed itself culturally and artistically in so many ways.

Friday, June 7, 2019 | 47th Anniversary Gala