School of Dance Summer Classes



Below you will find all the information you need for our classes that we will be offering during June and July! Summer classes this year will run Monday-Thursday. Registration for classes will remain open throughout the summer, however on June 6-8th we will be cancelling or modifying classes as necessary based on registration numbers. Please register before June 6th to ensure that we know which classes you are looking for. Confirmation e-mails will be sent as registrations are received.

If after reviewing our information packet, you are unsure which classes to select, please contact the School of Dance directly at (719) 295-7221 or

Here are several links to get you started!

Class Information Packet - for a list of class offerings, tuition chart, and uniform/dress code requirements

Class Schedule - a calendar of when class will be offered for our summer session

Class Registration Packet - the paper version to be filled out and turned in to the dance office

Link to Online Class Registration - altnerative to filling out the registration packet, parents/students may register online at the following link 



For 2018, our summer semester is split into two 3-week sessions. Classes will run Mondays-Thursdays. The School of Dance is closed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during June and July. To accomodate busy summer schedules, students may register for one session or both! 

Session 1 (3 weeks)

June 11-28

Session 2 (3 weeks)

July 9-26



Tuition rates for the summer semester are the same rate per hour of instruction as the 2017-2018 school year and can be paid in full for the full six week semester or by each three week session. For a full tuition chart, please click the link to the information packet above. 




Creative Movement, Ages 3 & 4

Dance Exploration, Age 4 & 5

Intro to Dance, Ages 6 & 7



Open division classes are designed for children, teenagers, and adults that are trying dance for the first time or are seeking a dance experience without the time commitment of the formal training within our school division. These are generally considered beginner level classes where introductory concepts of dance will be explored while surrounded by peers of a similar age and experience level.

Beginner's Hip-Hop, Ages 7-18

Beginner's Tap, Ages 7-18

Strength and Flexibility, Ages 7+

Maternity Ballet

Israeli Dance, Ages 10+

Men's Technique, Ages 12+

Teen Ballet, Ages 13 -17

Adult Ballet, Ages 18 +

Teen Jazz, Ages 13 -17

Dancerz, Ages 18+



Pre-Ballet, Ages 7 & 8

Ballet 1, Ages 8+

Ballet 2-3, Ages 9+ (by consent of instructor)

Ballet 4-7, Ages 13+ (by consent of instructor)

Modern 1, Ages 9+ (by consent of instructor)

Modern 2/Contemporary 3, Ages 12+ (by consent of instructor)

Jazz 1, Ages 9+ (by consent of instructor)

Jazz 2-3, Ages 12+ (by consent of instructor)

Contact Improv, Levels 4+ (or by consent of instructor)