Sangre de Cristo School of Dance Tuition and Fees

Sangre de Cristo School of Dance | 2016-2017 Academic Year                            


  • Summer Semester: June 5-July 1 (4 weeks)
  • Spring Semester: January 2 - May 28, 2017 (20 weeks)
  • Fall Semester: August 22 - December 4, 2016 (14 weeks)

Download the Summer 2017 registration packet here. 

Call 719-295-7221 or email for more information. 

Tuition Rates

Hours/Week Member  Non-Member
1 hour $8.50/hour $9.50/hour
2 hours $8.00/hour $9.00/hour
3 hours $7.50/hour $8.50/hour
4 hours $7.00/hour $8.00/hour
5 hours $6.50/hour $7.50/hour
6 hours $6.00/hour $6.00/hour
7 hours $5.50/hour $6.50/hour
8+ hours $5.00/hour $6.00/hour

*New students are allowed to take one free trial class*

Tuition is charged by the month, more information on semester cost can be found in the registration packet.

Tuition payment plan: Monthly payments that result in tuition being paid in full by the end of the semester. 

Yearly Family Registration Fee:  $20 

Performance Fee:  $35 per student, per performance

  • Nutcracker due October 1, 2016
  • Spring Recital due March 1, 2017
  • If not paid by due date, the student will not be allowed to participate in rehearsal or performance

Sangre De Cristo Ballet Company Fee:  $20 per month ($180/year, $80 for Fall, $100 for Spring)

  • Includes: three classes (Partnering, Classical Variations, and Vaganova Teaching Methods), performance fees, rehearsal time, and costume fee (purchasing, use, dry cleaning, and mending)


  • Family - 10% off each additional family member's tuition  
  • Pay in full at time of registration, off total tuition:  Year 10% | Semester 5%

Drop-in rate:  $12 per class