Sangre de Cristo School of Dance


Teaching Philosophy

We believe in providing a caring and stimulating atmosphere in which emotional, intellectual, social, and personal growth occurs. We desire to facilitate a student's fullest potential by supporting a safe, yet risk-taking environment. We are determined to maintain a positive and progressive learning environment while promoting mutual respect and personal greatness.


For more information on our School of Dance, please see our Summer 2017 Registration Packet, Summer 2017 Schedule. To register online, please visit this link and fill out the form:  

We hope these documents will provide you with the answers to many of your questions. However if you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact the School of Dance office by phone at (719)295-7221 or e-mail us at 


Essential Dance Educational Elements

Dance Exploration, Creative Movement, Intro to Dance

  • Listening 
  • Responding 
  • Creating 
  • Interconnecting 
  • Assessing



Ballet 1, 2, 3; Character Dance 1; Jazz 1; Modern 1; Hip Hop 1, 2

  • Development of Stage Presence 
  • Technical Development 
  • Movement Quality 
  • Musicality 
  • Passion for the Art Form


Ballet 4, 5, 6, 7; Character Dance 2,3; Jazz 2, 3; Modern 2; Contemporary 3;  Partnering; Vaganova Teaching Methods; Contemporary Studies

  • Technical Excellence  
  • Artistic Quality  
  • Musicality  
  • Immersion into the Art Form  
  • Expression of Movement

We offer pre-professional training at Sangre de Cristo School of Dance. Level advancement is based on evaluations designed to assess skill achievement. Students will be tested twice during the school year and will be advanced to the next level after successfully completing the skill requirements of that level, which will often take more than one year. Students interested in pre-professional training or our Company are required to enroll in all available Ballet classes in their particular level as well as 1 Jazz class, 1 Modern/Contemporary class, 1 Character Dance class, and the Partnering class (at the discrection of the artistic director). Typically, students enrolled in the upper levels of our school are interested in making dance a career, either in education or performance.


S.A.L.T. Program

Serving As Leaders Together (S.A.L.T.) is a program at Sangre de Cristo School of Dance that offers opportunity and organization for an older student to adopt a younger student at the school as a "special buddy." The older student helps to guide the younger, through the eyes of a student, within the ranks of the school, to acclimate socially and to become acquainted with the expectations of the Sangre de Cristo dance studio. Special events are offered to S.A.L.T. members throughout the year to provide further opportunity for bonding between mentor and mentee.


The Sangre de Cristo Dancerz is a resident company of the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center that is composed of differently-abled individuals. The Dancerz perform and rehearse as part of the Arts Center's School of Dance and are under the artistic direction of Robert J. Doyle.

Classes: Wednesdays, 5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

For more information, call 719.295.7221


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