6th - 8th Grade

Class Categories
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No classes on November 4, 2022 & November 25, 2022

Performing Arts image.

Performing Arts

These classes introduce students to performing and theatrical arts. They emphasize creativity, collaboration, and perseverance.

Student learning guitar lessons with instructor.

Musical Arts

“Classes in the musical arts introduce students to the basics of learning to pay and perform using instruments, the techniques utilized in the development of their voices for singing, and the concept of growth and improvement through practice.

Students learning to paint pottery.

Fine Arts

Fine arts classes introduce students to a wide range of artistic mediums, techniques, and histories while fostering their love of creativity, self expression, and fun


Parents/guardians are required to sign-in and sign-out students. Students will only be released to adults indicated in their registration. For unforeseen/last minute pick-up changes, please call 719-295-7200. Drop off and pick up are located at the Kid Rock Café (the east entrance of the Buell Children’s Museum – first level).

Students may be dropped off no more than 15 minutes before class and no later than 15 minutes after their last class. If a student has classes both before and after the noon hour, the student may eat a packed lunch from home on campus. No food will be provided by the Arts Center. A staff member will chaperone the lunch hour from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm.