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Su Kaiden Cho exhibit image hero shot.

FROM A REMEMBRANCE | 2/4/22 – 5/21/22

Works by Su Kaiden Cho

Su Kaiden Cho was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. Cho is a Korean contemporary artist and he now resides and works in Colorado. Cho’s oeuvre reconciles the identity challenges reflecting his life experiences caught in between South Korean customs and American mores. Cho received a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts Practices with emphasis in installation arts from University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. Cho has exhibited his work in numerous galleries in Colorado, including solo exhibitions and artist in residency.

Cho was shown as a featured artist in Gallery of Contemporary Arts, Colorado Springs, Colorado, Understudy, Denver, Colorado, Artworks Center for Contemporary Art, Loveland, Denver, installed public sculpture in Aurora, Colorado, and is an award-winning designer at the Fine Arts Center in Colorado Springs, CO. Su Kaiden Cho condenses a central belief that lies at the core of his artistic practice by delving into issues of ethnic liminality by means of quality of ambiguity or disorientation of identity.

Cho’s practice intends to bring in otherness, acceptance, challenging norms, and inclusion. In his work, he confronts the derogatory terms and attitudes with which Cho continues to withstand today. His accoutrements are proud connections to his heritage but are also reminders of the loss of identity he has had to endure. Cho manipulates materials through the context of self-identity as he examines with social and cultural clashes between what is internally embraced and externally imposed, as it pertains to race and ethnic identity. Being considered a minority in this culture causes a level of uncertainty regarding his own identity and beauty.

Cho’s work raises questions about common standpoints in how beauty is perceived that then ultimately results in internalized self deprecation among minority races through visual duality, ambiguity, combining the association with the grotesque, the extreme and the fantastic —Cho states that the truth is hardly ever on the surface, more often than not, the truth can only be found deep inside.



February 4, 2022 to May 21, 2022

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Located on the 3rd floor of the Helen T. White Galleries building.